Meet the Cast & Crew

Meet Kisha Shantell


Creator/Writer/Producer/Assistant Director/Actress also playing the role of Khyli Evans Kisha Shantell (born Lakisha Shantell L. Evans; November 14, 1984) in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Doris Evans and Ray L. Evans, the lead Guitarist and Pianist in the family band called “The Chicago Wonders.” Shantell is an American actress, dancer, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, and creative mind, specializing in the urban genre. She is known for her roles as writer/director/producer/actress in her web series Khyli’s Tangled World (2019). Kisha Shantell is also writing other web series, which are scheduled to premiere in early 2020 and late 2020: A Teenage Love Affair (2020), The Battered Woman (2020), The Heart of a Woman (2020) & Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (2020).

As a child Shantell did her own acting and dancing around the house, performing short skits for her family, often imitating people she may have seen at school, the playground, shopping malls, etc. Shantell spent her summers at cheerleading/dance camp. She attended Roger C. Sullivan High School in Chicago, Illinois. Her sophomore year at Sullivan High School, she was pleased to meet Savion Glover the Famous tap dancer, choreographer, and actor through her dance teacher Ms. Deidre M Dawson. 

While in high school, Shantell learned various types of dance (Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, Tap, Latin, etc.). People noticed that Shantell stood out, and her dance teacher offered her a spot in the CPS All-City Dance Ensemble as one of the dance captains. Shantell had the opportunity to dance with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. After that performance, she knew that acting and dancing would forever be a part of her life. 

After graduating high school in 2003, Shantell landed some extra roles. She was a featured extra in a short film, Faster, which was accepted into several festivals including the Chicago International Film Festival, the Cannes Short Film Corner, and the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival. Shantell does not obtain any degree in performing arts, she did take a few acting classes at the Chicago Performing Arts Academy (2012). While watching an older episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, she heard someone describe the sometimes therapeutic effect the act of writing can have, enabling the author to work out his or her own problems. This comment inspired her to apply herself to a career in writing. She soon started writing to herself in her journal, which became the basis for the web series, Khyli’s Tangled World.

Kisha has done background work on Empire, Chicago Fire and The Deceiver Movie, as well as in a music video for Singer Ebony Archer for the cover of Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music.”

Meet Sarah Hand


Sarah Hand is our Casting Director and UPC! This woman is no lightweight, people!

She recently completed work as Casting Director & Unit Production Coordinator, for The Weather Channel's 8 episode National TV series, "Storm Stories!" This is an amazing series - be sure to check it out! You may even catch a familiar face or two.

Prior to working with the The Weather Channel, Sarah was also the Production Assistant for the PBS pilot episode of 'Our Irish Pub' and has returned this year as their Production Coordinator for the 2nd episode that will air in the coming months. She'll also be working at the upcoming 'Irish American Movie Hooley' held at the Gene Siskel Film Center at the end of this month.

Meet Nancy Moore


Nancy Moore is joining the family as our MUA!

Nancy has 15yrs of experience with film, TV, theater and fashion productions. Some of her projects include -

Not A Stranger

I'd Run If I Were You

Last Performance

I'd Lie to Die a Thousand Times

Our Irish Pubs and many commercials

We personally really like her style - understated, yet classy. Never fear though - she can bring the gore, when needed!!

Meet Devon Johnson


Devon Johnson started his career in film at the age of 10 years old, when he joined the media department of Apostolic Faith Church (, a 3,000 seat worship center. For the last 5 years, he has been a rising star in the Chicago Film Community. His projects include: Chi Teen Lit Fest, Meet Karma Web series, Chollette. YASS Festival, Jugrnaugt Chicago, We are the Culture, Kikomo P Imagery, March for Our Lives 2018, Division (Ellzey-Winter Production), Creative Tech Expo, and I Am That Woman Retreat. His training includes: YouMedia, AbelCine, ProjecTus, Digital Media Academy-UCLA, The Chicago Academy for the Arts and Filmscape Chicago. He was the first Freshman accepted into FreshLensChicago. He was also selected as a fellow for the Young Cultural Stewardship Fellowship Program sponsored by the Chicago Park District. Devon is a graduate of BAM (Becoming A Man) and I Am a Gentleman Program ( He is a member of JROTC & Color Guard. In his spare time, he volunteers at area homeless shelters and participates in various ministries at Apostolic Faith Church. Devon aspires to be the “Lebron James” of film.

Meet Eoin Finnegan


Eoin Finnegan (also working under the pseudonym “Fiasco”) is a composer, songwriter and producer based in Galway City in Ireland. Studying music in Maynooth University, he has worked extensively over the years to bring music to all kinds of media, ranging from podcasts, radio series’, video games and more including JSB Talks Digital podcast and RG Lurgan Radio (app) 

Meet the Cast & Crew

Meet Tony L Austin


Marcus King Tony L Austin

Tony L Austin was born and raised in Chicago. He started acting in High School and has had a passion for the arts ever since.

If you've been anywhere in the Chicago Theater community or have a computer, you probably already know of Tony's work. For those who don't, here's just a short list -




Diamonds to Rocks

Vulture City

The Trial

Honeymoon Hostages 

The judge the gigilo and the jury


The Chicago Guy

Tony auditioned for KTW, last year and those of us who were sitting at the table, watching? Mesmerised. He'll be taking on the role of Khyli’s long time man, Marcus.

Meet Malcom Banks


Malcom was nominated for best male actor in the Midwest Film Festival, in 2014.

In 2015, he booked his first nationally televised character “Gerard Garner” on NBC’s Chicago PD.

Currently he's part of the amazing cast of Black And Privileged, on Netflix. You're definitely going to want to get eyes on that series! And the cherry on the sundae?

He's the Creator, writer, and everything that's anything, on his very own project, 7vens Law, available on Amazon.

Meet Caroline Chabata


Caroline is a Zimbabwean-American actress, (oh yeah. We're bringin the International flavor to this series!), who started her on-camera career in journalism then later realized she had a passion for bringing creative stories to life

A few of her acting credits include -

The Spooky Roommate (it was after seeing this reel, that we knew she'd be the perfect Kaylyn)

The Message, Directed by Timothy Armstrong 

And, Broderick.. an indie short, released in the 2019 Chicago 48 hour film festival!

She may be portraying the baby of the family - but we are ALL certain that she has some Wonder Woman superpowers inside her!!

Meet Delmar Fears


Delly is an actress who started her journey, way up dere, in St. Paul, Minnesota! Ohh YAA?? Yaah Hey Baba Reba!

From there it was off to to HOTlanta, where she joined the Alliance Theatre’s Teen Ensemble and broke legs in one production after another!!

A recent graduate of Cornell University, while on campus she was a part of a number of productions with Ithaca’s Civic Ensemble, the Cornell's Department of Performing and Media Arts, as well as, appearing in 7 short independent films.

This is one smart cookie! A Smart Cookie who's dedicated to breaking legs with us, as Kendra! Do NOT be fooled by that youthful smile! There's fire behind those eyes!!

Meet Marvin Hudson


Marvin Hudson! Embracing the role of Kaylyn's boyfriend, Dylan, we're definitely excited about the possibilities of tapping into Marvin's improv talent!

He studied improv and theater in college and furthered his professional training at Green Shirt Studios and the one and only - Second City.

Not only does he have a long sleeve of Network BG work, he's had a supporting role in the web series Fate Forthcoming and a Principle role in Dogged, a short film in production.

Dylan is a complex role, with a complex character and the entire KTW family is confident that he's going to make him shine!

Meet Nadia Simms


Nadia Simone has had recurring roles on Fox's Proven Innocent, as well as, Black and Privileged (Netflix). She can be seen in Comedy Centrals SouthSide, AND Showtime's TheCHI!

She's also shot a pilot called, The Blexicans and was featured in Nothing Like Thanksgiving and The Land. What's that? You'd like more? Okay - you can also catch her in the remake of Candyman coming out in Summer of 2020!!

This is one busy young lady! And we are one absolutely blessed family, to have the opportunity to welcome her!!