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Khyli’s Song

Khyli’s Song

Written, produced and performed by Eoin “ Fiasco” Finnegan

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Welcome and thank you for visiting "Khyli's Tangled World" website. As you can tell "KTW" website is currently under development, so pleae check back on a regular basis as this site will be going live in the next month with all new photos, videos and information. 

Currently, "KTW" is in pre-production. Coming soon....


Our Series

"Khyli's Tangled World" follows an aspiring actress as she navigates through life balancing her family drama, father's legacy and career. 

Already facing challenging situations, Khyli, must deal with the circumstances and conditions that have arisen after her father's death. In the midst of all this drama, Khyli has to tell those around her, some bad news that could potentially bring her already tangled world crahing down. 

This is such a beautiful story. Three sisters, each going through their own period of growth... for VERY different reasons. 

One for love

One for closure

One for growth

Although the sisters are dealing with the loss of their father and his legacy, each of them are experiencing their own growth in different ways. All three of their paths collide over a single issue, but the common denominator lies with whether or not to keep the Children's Home that he founded.


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